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Adventures can happen anywhere. Nothing will give you more fun in the sand, dirt, snow or mud than the TF2 RTR. Part scale truck, part adventurer, your TF2 RTR is ready for your mud kicking trail-loving lifestyle!

The TF2 RTR has both detailed styling and aggressive performance. You will find a balance of capability and performance built into every TF2 RTR. Performance of the TF2 RTR is smooth and with its single speed transmission, 4WD drivetrain, bulletproof transfer case and quality metal components throughout. The TF2 RTR is truly a work of art in both appearance and performance.

Every TF2 RTR is compatible with a full range of options and performance parts designed to enhance the performance and add to the scale look of the only true scale 1/10 offroad truck... The TF2 RTR. 

Your adventure awaits....







The R3 Single Speed Transmission comes with a tough cast metal case and wider gears to allow for more abuse along with a Delrin Spur with Slipper Clutch. It also features a sturdy billet aluminum motor mount for durability.

The TF2 RTR includes the Hammer Transfer Case. Packed with scale detail, the case features a cast metal exterior and heavy duty .8 Mod Widened Gears for durability.

Drawing on the success of the RC4WD MOA Gear Sets, the TF2 RTR Drivetrain has the most durable gears RC4WD has to offer so the TF2 RTR will stay on the trail, day after day.

The most scale accurate axles on the market, the RC4WD Cast Yota II Axles feature innovative 8 degree round knuckles, unique removable diff covers, lower mounting points and a compact offset pumpkin in the front.


The Driveshafts for the TF2 RTR are designed with heavy duty metal uni-joints with tough plastic shafts for great driveline angles and durability on the trails.

The TF2 RTR Chassis features a molded fuel cell that doubles as an electronics storage box. There is also an aluminum, frame-mounted under cab electronics tray for multiple electronics mounting options!

The TF2 RTR includes a set of RC4WD Ultimate Scale Shocks. Designed for ultimate scale looks and ultimate performance. The shocks are machined from billet aluminum and internally sprung.

The TF2 RTR Chassis is a machined billet aluminum ladder frame design with leaf springs, scale shock hoops, chassis servo mounts and hard body mounts for maximum strength. Optional 4-link conversion is available on our store site.
The TF2 RTR includes a set of TRO 1.7" Stamped Steel Beadlock Wheels in a beautiful red anodized finish with chrome details. These steel stamped wheels with CNC machined parts offer amazing details in the popular 6 lug design.
Every TF2 RTR needs a tough set of tires and the included Interco IROK 1.7" Scale Tires provide just that! These tires are known for handling rocks, mud snow and whatever else you can throw at it with its durable advanced X2SS soft & sticky compound.


The TF2 Marlin Crawler Body Set includes pre-painted wipers, mirror, light details and door handles for ultimate in scale looks. Realistic dashboard decals come pre-installed.

The unmistakable lines of a classic. The TF2 Marlin Crawler Body Set is an exact replica of the full scale vehicle. No other scale body comes this close to realism.

The TF2 Marlin Crawler Body Set includes a great dropped bed molded directly into the body. Pre-painted black, it’s perfect for carrying all your scale accessories or spare wheel and tire.
The TF2 Marlin Crawler Body Set includes a roll bar with signature MC details to protect the cab from any unplanned tumbles so you're always covered.

The crisp lines and bold details are all captured. Chrome plated parts are included as well as colored lenses for all signal lights. All lamps can be illuminated with minimum modifications.  


The TF2 RTR includes a high quality XR3 3 Channel 2.4Ghz Radio System. Use the third channel to control a winch and add even more fun to your scale adventure!

The TF2 RTR is powered by the RC4WD 45 Turn Crawler Motor. With its sealed endbell for increased durability and long lasting performance, you’re sure to get where you’re going!

The TF2 RTR features the popular RC4WD Outcry II Waterproof ESC Brushed Speed Controller with built-in drag brake for reliable, constant power on demand. Anytime.

A great truck needs a great servo to get you out of those tough spots and the TF2 RTR features the Twister. A high torque metal gear digital servo to handle all your steering duties.

It's ALL in the box. Everything you need is provided to get you on the trails today!

Marlin featured with his crawler truck, world famous for being most wheeled Toyota pickup!

Replacements Parts:
  • Front Shock Hoops for Gelande 2 Chassis (Z-S0798)
  • R3 Single Speed Transmission Mounts (Z-S0802
  • Aluminum Bumper Mount For Trail Finder 2  (Z-S0006
  • TF2 Long Drive Shaft Coupling for R3 Single Speed (Z-S0898
  • Hammer Transfer Case (1.47/1) (Z-U0024
  • Drag Link for Yota II (101mm/3.98in) (Z-S1836) 
  • R3 Scale Single Speed Transmission (Z-U0028)
  • Super Soft Flex Leaf Springs for TF2 (Z-S1815) 
  • Fuel Cell Radio Box (Z-S0592
  • Trail Finder 2 Plastic Body Posts (Z-B0029
  • Yota II Ultimate Scale Cast Axle (Front) (Z-A0080
  • XVD Axle for Ultimate Scale Yota II G2 Axle (Z-S0823)
  • Yota II Ultimate Scale Cast Axle (Rear) (Z-A0081)
  • RC4WD Marlin Crawler Rear Plastic Tube Bumper for Trail Finder 2 (Z-S0595
  • M3 Mini Plastic Rod End (Z-S0398
  • M3 Offset Short Plastic Rod End (Z-S0401)
  • RC4WD Superlift Superide 80mm Scale Shock Absorbers (Z-D0012
  • Leaf Spring Shackles & Mounts Kit (Z-S0047
  • RC4WD Marlin Crawler Side Plastic Sliders for Trail Finder 2 (Z-S0596 
  • Trail Finder 2 Bumper Mounts Z-T0068 RC4WD Interco IROK 1.7" Scale Tires (Z-S0593)
  • RC4WD Marlin Crawler Front Winch Bumper w/Stinger for Trail Finder 2 (Z-S1789
  • Ultra Punisher Shafts (Z-S1811)
  • Low Profile Delrin Transfer Case Mount for TF2 (Z-S1777
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Strap Lock (Z-S0552
  • 540 Crawler Brushed Motor 45T (Z-E0004
  • Twister High Torque Metal Gear Digital Servo  (Z-E0035
  • Outcry II Waterproof ESC (Z-E0089
  • XR3 3-Channel 2.4Ghz Transmitter/Receiver Radio (Z-R0009
  • Heavy Duty Metal Servo Arm 25t Futaba (Z-S0822
  • RC4WD 6-Cell 3000mAh NIMH Battery Pack (Z-E0090
  • RC4WD AA Batteries (Z-S1718
  • RC4WD NiMH Peak Battery Charger (Z-E0092
  • TRO 1.7" Stamped Steel Beadlock Wheels (Red/Chrome) 24 (Z-W0225)
  • RC4WD Mojave II Front Grille (Z-B0198)
  • RC4WD Mojave II Round Headlights and Marker Lights (Z-B0199)
Replacement Hardware: 
  • Steel Button Head Cap Screws M3 x 6mm (10) (Z-S0651)
  • Steel Button Head Cap Screws M3 x 8mm (10) (Z-S0652)
  • Steel Button Head Cap Screws M3 x 10mm (10) (Z-S0653)
  • Steel Button Head Cap Screws M3 x 12mm (10) (Z-S0654)
  • Steel Button Head Cap Screws M3 x 14mm (10) (Z-S0655)
  • Steel Button Head Cap Screws M3 x 16mm (10) (Z-S0656) 
  • Steel Flat Head Socket Cap Screw M3 x 6mm (10) (Z-S0648)
  • Steel Flat Head Socket Cap Screw M3 x 8mm (10) (Z-S0649)
  • M3 Driveshaft Screw Pin (5) (Z-S0804)
  • Leaf Spring Shoulder Screws (Black) (Z-S0275)
  • 2mm Black Spacer with M3 Hole (10) (Z-S0600)
  • 3mm Black Spacer with M3 Hole (10) (