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Traxxas Sledge Brushless Truggy 1:8 4WD

Engineered. Tested. Built to a higher standard. The all-new Sledge is made to exceed your expectations for quality, toughness, and fun. The rock-solid chassis, massive steel drivetrain, ferocious 6s power, and race-inspired handling leave everything else in the dust.

Sledge is the only truck in this class with a properly sized, 6s-capable driveline. Bigger gears. More steel. Basically bombproof. Sledge smashes the status quo to be the new standard for extreme 6s durability.

Sledge is engineered to have the strongest chassis in the class. The triangulated chassis structure integrates a deep-formed aluminum plate with a multi-point composite truss system and the patent-pending full-length T-Bar. Built on a solid foundation, Sledge is strongest where it matters most.

Remove and replace the body in just seconds with exclusive patent-pending clipless body solutions engineered by Traxxas. Sledge’s clipless body goes on smoothly with a satisfying snap. The body is designed to come off when YOU release it.

Sledge is equipped with a high-performance metal gear servo that packs massive torque inside a heat dissipating aluminum center case. Powerful and reliable steering authority is assured with no upgrade required.

The Velineon VXL-6s features new hardware and new tuning specifically for the 2000kV motor. Together they deliver substantially more power under the curve for increased mid-range punch and hard-charging acceleration you can see and feel.

Premium Sledgehammer tires are standard equipment. No tire upgrade required. Durable foam inserts are designed to not bunch up or break down. Patent-pending Traxxas innovation improves the tire bonding process to reduce the chance of a blown-out bead while exploring the upper range of Sledge’s capability.

The all-new Sledge delivers a powerful and fulfilling Traxxas experience. This means class-leading power, ultimate quality, and durability that is engineered to be second to none.

Rich ProGraphix Paint
Sledge’s bold and bright ProGraphix® body uses screened-on graphics that won’t chip or peel for custom looks that last, run after run.

High Downforce Wing
Sledge’s high-downforce wing puts the wind to work with molded-in wear pads to protect the wing against ground-scraping wheelies.

Roof Skids
If things go upside-down, Sledge’s thick roof skids take the damage to keep your body looking fresh. They’re also inexpensive and easy to replace when they wear down.

Extreme Sledgehammer Grip
The Sledgehammer’s thick tread blocks bite into rough terrain for outstanding all-surface grip. Traxxas’ new patent-pending tire bonding innovation keeps them locked onto the 3.8” wheels with a vice-like grip.

Molded Body Reinforcements
Molded body reinforcements transfer impact forces to Sledge’s full-body frame rather than traditional posts and clips that can pull through the body.

GT-Maxx Shocks
Large-bore GT-Maxx® aluminum shocks mount to the towers with 4mm screws for superior strength. X-ring seals glide on large-diameter shafts, and the spring retainers are secured with screws to stay put.

High-Tech Suspension Arms
Formed from our toughest composite material, heavy-duty suspension arms use high-grade steel pins that press into the arms for tighter tolerances.

Heavy-Duty Chassis Braces
Sledge’s heavy-duty front and rear braces combine with the aluminum chassis and rigid T-Bar™ to create a radically strong triangulated structure.

VXL-6s Speed Control
The proven Velineon® VXL-6s speed control is custom-tuned to give Sledge incredible punch throughout the RPM range. Whether you’re exploding off the line or accelerating out of a turn, Sledge responds with rocket-like thrust.

Aluminum T-Bar
The unique shape of Sledge’s aluminum T-Bar brace delivers cross-sectional stiffness no round tube can match. The T-Bar also keys perfectly into the bulkheads so they absorb impact forces, and not the attachment screws.

High Strength Aluminum Plate Chassis
Sledge’s chassis uses flanged edges from bulkhead to bulkhead to eliminate weak points. Additional strengthening ribs add extra rigidity in high-stress locations and the side guards fit tightly to the chassis for a seamless look.

Rigid Battery Tray
Sledge’s roomy battery tray accepts a variety of 4s and 6s configurations. Battery changes take just seconds with no clips or straps required.

Aluminum Motor Cradle
Sledge secures its 2000kV brushless motor in place with a wrap-around aluminum cradle to eliminate all flex points. Built-in bosses make it easy to attach the accessory cooling fan (part #3476 available separately).

Total Steering Authority
Sledge’s waterproof #2275 metal gear servo competes with expensive aftermarket servos with over 20 pounds (347 oz-in) of torque @6.0V—eliminating the need for servo upgrades.

6061-T6 Aluminum Shock Towers
Sledge’s shock towers are cut from 5mm thick 6061-T6 aluminum and tie directly into the center brace for bulletproof strength and durability.

High Strength Hinge Pin Retainers
Heavy-duty 6061-T6 aluminum retainers hold the hardened steel hinge pins firmly in place. This allows for tighter tolerances than conventional sliding pins and sharper handling.

Extreme-Duty Composite Camber & Toe Links
Sledge’s energy-absorbing one-piece links return to shape if flexed and won’t pull apart or bend in a crash. They’re already pre-set for track worthy handling with optimal camber and toe settings.

Rugged C-Hubs with Double Shear Connections
Sledge’s rugged C-hub design combines superior durability and impact resistance with precise steering alignment. Double shear connections keep the toe links securely fastened even during hard hits.

Steel Center Driveshafts
Super-duty solid steel driveshafts deliver power from the Torque-Biasing Center Drive to the differentials. Rubber boots on the joints seal grease in and keep dirt out.

Oversized Sealed Bearings
Traxxas equips Sledge with oversize bearings throughout the drivetrain to ensure lasting precision and performance.

Torque-Biasing Center Drive
Traditional center diffs can’t handle 6s power. Sledge’s Torque-Biasing Center Drive is filled with thick silicone fluid to distribute power evenly for full 6s thrust with every launch and corner exit.

Steel Outer Driveshafts
Solid-steel driveshafts transfer Sledge’s massive 6s power from the differentials to the wheels via heavy-duty dogbones and constant-velocity joints in front so you can be as heavy on the throttle as you want.

Steel-Gear Differentials
Sledge uses true 6s differentials to handle its ferocious power. Oversized coarse-pitch steel gears are 20% larger and 75% thicker than traditional 1/8 scale components for lasting performance.