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Go anywhere, anytime!
Just add fuel and batteries and let this fully-fledged racing buggy run free

With 8 World Championship titles, the ‘Inferno’ is proud to be KYOSHO’s flagship model. Infused with Inferno DNA, the Inferno NEO 3.0 is ready to race almost as soon as it’s out of the box and brings the Inferno’s glorious performance potential within reach of everyone. While excelling on racing circuits, the NEO 3.0 also runs through rough terrain like a boss with features such as the user-friendly KE21SP engine with recoil pull starter and Big Bore Shocks with the omnipotent KC Cross Tires that deliver an optimal balance of performance and running stability on any surface. Based on the competition-level chassis, the NEO 3.0 promises exceptional reliability and durability plus wide scope for setting adjustments and custom performance upgrades through the huge range of optional parts available for the MP7.5 series. Experiencing the thrill of engine-powered off-road buggy racing has been made easy with the Inferno NEO 3.0!


●Just add fuel and batteries to this Readyset and let the engine-powered racing buggy fun begin!
●Equipped with four-wheel double wishbone suspension.
●Universal swing shafts are standard on the front drive section and minimize drive loss and improve crash resistance.
●Gear diffs on center, front and rear ensure optimal driving force is transferred to all four wheels.
●Double disc brakes provide the stopping power needed for a large racing machine. 
●Sealed mechanical box protects the battery and receiver from crashes, sand and dust.

Race-bred chassis combines superior driving performance with durability and reliability. Also equipped with side guards to protect the RC system and muffler from crash impact.

Newly developed KE21SP engine delivers an optimal balance of power, torque, idling stability and easy starting. Features rear exiting exhaust, recoil starter and slide carburetor.Engine break-in is made effective and easy even for beginners with the inclusion of reducer for break-in.

Resin Big Bore Shocks on front and rear feature spring adjustment and deliver excellent shock absorption and superior running stability under any situation.

Wide setting scope and precision adjustment of front suspension is possible with adjustable rods on upper arms and tie rods.

High-torque & waterproof type KS-5031-09MW servos with metal gears are equipped on both steering and throttle to handle the heavy loads expected with off-road buggy driving. 

Equipped with KC Cross Tires that are designed with a block pattern seen in motocross bikes. Wear-resistant, these tires deliver exceptional performance on any surface.

Newly developed body features high-visibility graphical color print. Body is pre-cut and complete with decals applied so no further work is required. 

Rear wing angle can be adjusted and combined with the new body to fine-tune the traction characteristics. Wing attaches to the wing stay with just two screws and realizes excellent crash resistance.

2.4GHz Syncro KT-231P+ transmitter allows dial adjustment of throttle trim, steering trim, throttle EPA, and steering dual rate.